Centre for Engineering and Technology (CET)

Centre for Engineering and Technology (CET)

The Centre for Civil Engineering and Technology provides its Rural Technical officials with opportunities to explore the wonders of civil engineering in the most conducive atmosphere. The Centre boasts of state-of-the-art facilities, a wide variety of core civil engineering Techniques and New & Innovative Technologies.
We strive to work on cutting edge technologies to tackle global challenges in construction, infrastructure planning and development, transportation, pollution, water supply and management.

The engineers those who are engaged in the field should be well equipped with adequate technical knowledge for delivering quality infrastructure facilities for rural community. For this SIRD&PR has been conducting various training programs for the technical officials.
The centre also undertakes a major peer knowledge sharing by bringing in experts from CRRI-Delhi, NITTR, NIOT, Anna University and other able educationalists.

Centre Activity:

  • To be a centre imparting knowledge in Civil Engineering education, research, and industry outreach services for creating sustainable infrastructure and enhancing quality of life with professional and ethical values

  • To provide an effective teaching – learning environment enabling technical officials to be competent Civil Engineers

  • To motivate research and entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of Civil Engineering and innovative Technology

  • To inculcate ethical values to serve the rural society with high order professionalism

  • Conduct of Training programme, Seminar, Conference, Research and workshops in the board field of Engineering Technologies

  • The Centre for Engineering Technologies mandated to handle the thematic area like Water Supply , Sanitation, Natural Resource Management, MGNREGA, Modern survey, Spatial Planning through MGNRGA Works, PMGSY, NRM Works and Village Panchayat Development Plans (VPDP) etc.,

  • Organize exposure visits across the State, to the Elected Representatives of Rural Local Bodies and Technical Officials

Annual Action Plan (2020 - 2021):

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E-mail: jrfcltygcet.sirdpr@tn.gov.in

Mobile No: 90432 41773