Centre for Climate Change and Natural Resources Management (CCNRM)

Centre for Climate Change and Natural Resources Management (CCNRM)

The Rural Development is comprising of various subject matters, including Biodiversity preservation, Climate Change, Disaster Mitigation and management. The Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu are implementing various schemes which is directly or indirectly act on these areas. The target universe of this Department is rural masses in Tamil Nadu living in plains, coastal, hilly, dry areas, facing multiple risks. To over come the risks in short- and long-term basis, certain activities to be taken to create awareness on their resources such as the bio resources. On preserving biodiversity of the local area will influence the Climate Change actions positively and reduce the disaster risks through mitigation measures.

Centre Activity:

  • Training Programme on GPDP (Gram Panchayat Development Plan)

  • Activitoes releated to Bio-Diversity Friendly Panchayat

  • Handholding support on GPDP by Academic Institutions

  • Climate Friendly GPDP (Gram Panchayat Development Plan) through training on Climate Smart Panchayat Strategies

  • Research on Resistient Coastal Panchayats

  • Village Adoption Activities

  • Students Intens

  • Trainer on Call Approval

  • Resource Persons Approval

Annual Action Plan (2020 - 2021):

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Dr.A.ARPUTHA RAJ,M.A(SW).,D.P.M.,M.A(Psy)., M.A(Yoga).,Ph.D.
Head, Center for CCNRM


E-mail: srfcltyhdccn.sirdpr@tn.gov.in

Mobile No: 94441 30743